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We have the trainers dedicated to transforming your dog into the retriever you dream of. Experienced in retriever and waterfowl dog training, AKC and UKC Hunt Tests, gundog training, retriever puppies from Labradors and Golden Retrievers to duck dogs. Our programs and training work at the top levels nationally.
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Your Training Team Professionals
Training Your Dreams Into Reality
Eddie Naga Bio

Eddie Noga / Owner-Operator

Eddie Noga is the owner/operator of Zion Kennels. He has been training dogs as an amateur and professionally since 1994. He was tutored by some of the best professionals in the country and learned under them to create a training program that works extremely well for the dynamic retrievers of today. Eddie works hard to see that each dog leaves his program as the best retriever it can be, at home as well as in the field.


Kelli Hope joined Zion Kennels in 2016. She is an avid hunter and outdoors woman. Her focus is taking your competition/hunting retriever to the next level. She has successfully trained several of her personal dogs to the Master level.


Information Coming.

…and investing it into a solid retriever for you.
Ben Linn


Ben Linn started working at Zion Kennels in the summer of 2017 as a bird technician. After a year of outstanding work ethics and dedication he has been promoted to a retriever trainer for all of the future HRC events. Ben plans on running his personal dogs Birdie and Muddie in spring HRC events.


Amanda Stockton joined Zion Kennels in early 2018. Looking for a change and blessed enough to stumble upon this job with a wonderful  atmosphere and full of aspiration. She loves being in the great out doors where her son is allowed to learn and experience something new while being able to participate with amazing people who feel like family. Her family loves the enjoyment the animals get from this pure hearted establishment  and their potential in wanting to learn by the people that desire to teach them. She is in charge of the Kennel upkeep and cleaning in addition to bird tech duties.

Bucky Pettie


Bucky Pettie joined us here at Zion in the summer of 2016. What started as a part time position between semesters has finally led him to join us full time as our obedience trainer. Bucky trains and runs his own personal dog, Onyx, in AKC Hunt Tests. Onyx will be pursuing his Master Title in the Spring of 2019. He’s responsible for the basic and advanced obedience of all the dogs that go through our retriever program as well as our specific obedience programs. He also is one of our bird technician, so even though he is the youngest of our crew we are always able to keep him busy.


Olivia Noga is the daughter of Eddie and helps out at the kennel when she can. She loves the dogs as well as pursuing her love of Softball, swimming, and she attends school at Tom Bean ISD. She is a very good bird technician and dog handler. She travels with Eddie on his summer trips north.

olivia naga